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Silicon Valley Private Bus Service Gets More VC Funding

In the wake of Uber's rapid growth and swelling market cap, other companies have rushed to rethink aspects of urban transportation. One of them is Chariot, a startup that's offering a new way to survive the daily commute by running 14-passenger vans across San Francisco on five set routes during the morning and afternoon rush. Rides cost between $3 and $5 apiece, and passengers can book from their smartphones and use mobile apps to monitor the location of the vans in real time. And, of course, coming in May, the buses will include onboard Wi-Fi.


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Good Career Choices

Why Do Women Shun STEM? It’s Complicated

Why do relatively few women work in science, technology, engineering and mathematics? University of Washington lecturer Stuart Reges —in a provocative essay, “Why Women Don’t Code”—suggests that women’s verbal and analytical skills lead to career choices outside STEM. Mr. Reges’s critics say he is making women feel inferior by implying they aren’t interested in tech. I’m a female engineering professor with decades of experience as well as a background in the humanities and social sciences, so perhaps I can lend some perspective to the controversy.


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We specialize in staffing early stage start-ups in networking infrastructure, wireless communications, and information technology markets. We find career opportunities for professionals looking to accelerate their career growth by being part of a world class, VC-backed start-up company, whose founders have demonstrated success.

We focus on positions at all levels in engineering, marketing, sales, test/QA, support, product management, and business development.


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